Who We Are:

Bariloche Bureau is an association of companies specialized in Tourism Meetings which provides its expertise in event planning, and all that it involves.
So as to provide different and high impact proposals , Bariloche Bureau includes as an innovating variety the interaction with nature, thus giving a plus to the experience .

More often than not, the person in charge of organizing a company event feels overwhelmed by all the issues to be considered. Planning is not an easy task. On the other hand, it is complex, and it is a task more than difficult for a single person. Transport, accommodation , meeting halls, specific work dynamics , entertainment , excursions, technological gear, catering, insurance and a long list of special requirements; items to consider are truly extensive and specific to each case.
Our Board of Directors is composed of:

Chairwoman: Julieta Rimoldi (Bariloche Events and Conventions)
Vice president: Pablo Divita (Surface Travel)
Treasurer: vc_row type=»full_width_section» bg_image=»504 (MS Tourism)
Secretary: Diego Tyslak (Club Los Pehuenes)
Vocal I: Constanza Urbietis (NH Edelweiss)
Vocal II: Carlos Pelli (Wilderness Patagonia)
vocal alternate: vc_row type=»full_width_section» bg_image=»504 (Aguila Mora Suites & Spa)

Audit Commission:
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Damian Molina (vc_row type=»full_width_section» bg_image=»504)

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Launch the city as venue for meeting tourism :

Directly or indirectly promote activities related to tourism.
. Promote the city of San Carlos de Bariloche as a tourist destination and a suitable place for company meetings where activities can be performed in an outstanding natural environment , giving a chance of interacting with nature, taking care and preserving it.

Attract new clients to enlarge the tourist activity in the city:

To promote agreements with public and/or private organizations to position the city of San Carlos de Bariloche as a different and innovative destiny in "Meeting Tourism" .
To globally promote the association through its active participation in events and/or fairs .

strengthen the association (through an event hub )

To provide a suitable ambiance for group work and the exchange of experiences and suggestions among associates in order to optimize the general level of services and products.
To organize local and national training for both different affiliates and society in its whole .


"Great experience in Patagonia share with the entire staff of directors and their spouses live intensely as program exceeded our expectations and were surprised at all times. We are very grateful"- Schering Plough – México
"We traveled from Europe with our largest distributors of Spain for skiing during the European summer, It was an amazing experience held in Los Andes Ski, both in Argentina and Chile. We get an unforgettable impression of the natural environment, the facilities and the hospitality. We greatly appreciate the program and so much fun, They could not be better chosen locations. "- Nokia - Spain
"Perfect and quick interpretation of all our needs for the XLVI General Assembly of Governors, They were a key support for the organization and development of this event, especially with such complex and varied requirements requested. It was a pleasure working with you. and we appreciate all the efforts for the success of the Assembly in this wonderful city. "- BCIE - Central American Bank for Economic Integration
“Thank you so much for the fabulous kayaking trip a couple weeks ago. We had such a memorable experience. To kayak with one of the best was a true delight and a story that we are telling everyone in the States. Please know that your warm hospitality was most appreciated”- Jill Stamos, Marketing Director, Discovery Channel

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: Frey 135 – Bariloche
8400 – Rio Negro – Argentina
: +54 2944 901643
: info@barilochebureau.com.ar